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1 sucessful baby, two after-miscarriages, now pregnant again with conerns.. Lock Rss

I'm not sure if this had posted correctly the other day, so re-sending it..........

Hi there,

I was hoping for an expert opinion,

Three and a half years ago I had a baby girl. Born Premature five weeks, Mild bleeding throughout whole pregnancy. Normal Vaginal delivery.

Almost a year later, fell pregant with second and mis-carried at 7 weeks even though didn't know this until the twelveth week. Went to the hospital for a curet.

A year and a half later fell pregnant with the thrid baby. Very minor/almost no bleeding with pregnancy, however my waters broke just after the fourth month. The midwife couldn't understand whilst performing an internal as to why the cervix was still rock-hard and it took two strong "softening pills" over a period of time to promote labour.Had to deliver baby naturally and he died upon delivery as to being so young.

Not one professional could offer any reason as to why this may of happened.
- Blamed both my obstitricians for not picking up the thinning of the lining
- Blamed the hospital staff for the curet that was performed a year and a half ago on the second pregnancy (Unatural forcing of opening of the cervix)
- Blamed myself for not being able to hold my baby within my body.

Came to realise that mother nature just works in mysterious and sometimes, not very nice ways..

I ended up abusing myself daily with alcohol and started up smoking heavily. (Mind you, never neglecting my daughter throughout my self-abusivness) My husband was a good shoulder and tried to reason with me on this self-destuction, but fell on deaf ears.
This was going on since July 2005 to present. Approx nine months.

A week ago, I found out I am pregnant for the fourth time (calculated about three weeks pregnant) and went cold turkey on everything harmful to me. I am eating very well now and trying not to stress out, however I have concerns...

- By all this body wrecking, have I done so much harm to myself that the posibility of having this baby may not be such a good thing (taking in mind of the adusing over the last three weeks, even though I had slowed up quite a lot)
- Would an early water breakage likely happen in this pregnancy as it did in the last?
-We cannot afford our Obstitrician this time round, so can hospitals offer this expert service at no charge and deal with cases such as mine?

Your opinion and values is eagerly awaited as I Beleive I am mentally scared as to what my current situation is.. any advice will be appreciated.
Thank you for your enquiry. Congratulations on the pregnancy, it I obviously something that you want as you are trying to do all that you can to help yourself and the baby. It sounds as if you have had some difficult times with losing your babies. Having a curet after one miscarriage tends not to cause any problems with you cervix long term but it can if you have had many curets over a few years. With your second baby there may have been a problem with the baby or you may have had an underlying infection that caused the waters to break. As you say, nature works in mysterious ways and the baby may have not been healthy to continue to term.
There are many women who have experienced miscarriage and the hospital is very experienced at providing quality care for you and your baby. You may even be able to access a birth centre or midwives clinic where you can meet a small group of midwives who will care for you during pregnancy and birth and afterwards. Most women find these facilities very satisfying and they are very popular so if you are interested it is best to book in early.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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