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hi I'd like to become pregnant again I have been on Femulin/noriday for 10 months and now taken myself off how long will it be before ovulation and periods return to normal?
Thank you for your enquiry. Femulin is a progesterone only pill or minipill. It is recommended during breastfeeding as it doesn’t interfere with the milk production. It works differently to the combined pill and it doesn’t stop ovulation. It causes an increase in the mucous around the cervix that acts as a barrier to sperm thus preventing pregnancy. There usually isn’t a problem conceiving once off the minipill. If you are still breast feeding your body may not be back into its regular cycles because of this factor too. In 2 – 3 months your body should be back to normal or you may even conceive in your first month after stopping the pill.
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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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