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hi there
I have gestational diabetes and am due in 9 weeks. I've been told that i may well need to be induced even though my sugar levels have been perfect! I'm getting really worried about this as I really wanted a water birth with just gas and air like I did with my daughter - who arrived 10 days late!
When I was overdue with my daughter I had a cervical sweep which helped to start me off at 1 cm dilated - is this something I could ask for in order to avoid the gel and IV drip? I hate needles!!
Any reassurance and advice would be good before I get too stressed about it!

Clare, SA,6 month old baby Charlie

I don't know anything about cervical sweeps, but I just wanted to reassure you that a drip is ok. I have had 4 babies and had drips with three of them. The third one I didn't even end up needing pain relief. They seem scary when you think about it, but the ultimate end result wanted is a healthy baby, so my advice is to try to relax... Enjoy your remaining time pregnant, and don't stress about the drip. If it comes to that, it is not awful.
Thank you for your enquiry. Sometimes subsequent babies can follow similar patterns and also go overdue but this is not a general rule. Hopefully you will be allowed to go into labour naturally as it is less stress on your body and the sugar levels are much easier to control. If you have had a problem free birth before then the doctors should be reassured that you should have a straight forward birth this time too. Closer to term you could try to get your body ready for labour by having regular long walks, plenty of sex and nipple stimulation and avoid constipation.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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