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hi i was wondering when do you konw that you are ready to have another baby? i have a 11 mnth old and i want to have another one soon but im concered that hayden might miss out on a few things when i have the baby? what do you think is the best age gap between kids?

Sarah,S.A,8mth baby

Sarah, The best way to know is if you feel ready... However old or young your oldest is you will still wonder if the older one will miss out. It is a normal part of mothering, wanting the best for our children. I have 4 children. The first two were 14 months apart. This was very tiring and I think perhaps a little close, but now they play together and enjoy each other. Then there is a gap of 3 years before two close together again. The gap between the first two and the second two enabled me to get back on top of things, the bigger ones were more able to help out and they were at school during the day so I had some time to spend with just baby. However, you are then out of little baby stuff and have to get used to sleepless nights and nappies and carting the kitchen sink around again. Whichever way you go there are pro's and con's to each, enjoy your kids...they are tiny such a short time.
Hi Sazza,
Thank you for your enquiry. This decision is entirely up to you and your partner. It also depends on what sort of a child you have. If you have a child that requires a lot of your time, this will not change when another one comes along, your workload increases. Some people like having their children close so that they can be friends and grow up together but it is definitely more work when they are young but then the early years are over more quickly. Others say that it is far better spacing children at around 3 years apart as the older sibling is more independent. Family support is also something to consider.
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