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Sciatica in Pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi there. I am 25 weeks and suffered sciatica in my right leg in previous pregnancy and am again (at same spot) this time.

As it is a numb/burning feeling in upper thigh, I find it hard to stand for too long, even though I have to work as a primary teacher until week 39.

Can you please recommend good exercise and remedies? Thanks

Vickie, NZ, 3yo son and baby girl

Hey there

I suffered from this last year and it got to the point that i couldn't even walk.. You will probaly need to go and get some physio we they will give you some exercises to do. As long as you keep up the exercises it should be fine..
Good luck and take care smile

Ds 17/10/06

Thank you for your enquiry. Sciatica is when pressure is placed on the nerve causing pain either in one spot or down one or both legs. It is caused either by the increased fluid circulating in your body during pregnancy or the position of the baby. Some women experience it only towards the end of pregnancy and some throughout the pregnancy. Your sciatica is more than likely due to a combination of posture (standing for long periods) and increased fluid. It is advisable to try to alternate your positions during the day and to rest with your legs elevated when possible. Yoga during pregnancy is very helpful for ongoing pain and discomfort as it offers many postures and techniques to relieve pressure. Physiotherapy may also offer some relief.
Best wishes,

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