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I am 15 weeks tomorrow,
I found a left over preg test at home so I decided to use it today just for fun, I used my first morning urine and the line was very faint.
At 7 weeks when I done my home test the line was very dark and came up before the control line and this was with my afternoon urine.
Should I be worried that the line was very faint and didnt come up straight away or is this normal cause I am 15 weeks.


Hey there
I've had the same thing happen to me. I'm 13 weeks and did another pregnancy test last week, which showed up a faint positive at first and then a lil darker. When I did my first test @ 8 weeks it was a very dark line. I read that between 8 - 12 weeks the hCg hormone declines, and hence morning sickness seems to ease during this time. I'm sure this is the case for our faint positives. I go for my first scan tomorrow, so I hope my theory is right smile

I heard or read somewhere that after so many weeks you can do test's and it not show your preg, I think it said due to hormone levels. Hope this helps

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Thank you for your enquiry. This is to be expected as a pregnancy test looks for the presence of BHcg which is a hormone that is present only in early pregnancy and diminishes at around 12 weeks as the placenta is formed and starts to function. The hormones oestrogen and progesterone then dominate in the pregnancy. It is the BHcg that is thought to cause the morning sickness symptoms.
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