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I am trying to wean my 6 month old daughter Emma. She is allergic to Cows Milk, so under instruction from her Paediatrician I have been told to try her on Infasoy (she has been tested for Soy and is not allergic to it). She takes expressed breast milk from the bottle with no hestitation. However if I try and give her a bottle of formula (I have tried 50/50 as well) she takes one sip and starts crying and totally refuses the bottle. I have tried feeding from a spoon as well, but one sip and she is upset. I have today tried to mix her rice cereal with 50/50 formula/breast milk and she took one taste and starting crying and refused to eat anymore. How do you get a baby to accept formula? What methods should I be using? Help please. If any other mothers have been through this and have advice, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks Rochelle.
Thank you for posting your question to our help panel. Unfortunately Alex’s expertise is related to pregnancy and newborn babies and is unable to answer your query. She recommends that you contact your local early child health nurse or doctor for some advice.

Thank you for your understanding.

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