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Due to personal circumstances I will only be breast feeding my baby for 6wks. Since this is such a short time I am wondering whether I would be better to express breast milk for these 6wks and use a bottle, rather than wean my baby from breast to bottle so rapidly.
Is it difficult to change from breast to bottle? I really want to give my baby breast milk for these first six weeks while I am able, but am worried about how hard it will be to get them use to feeding from a bottle after only just getting them use to the breast.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Thank you for your enquiry. It is always better to breast feed straight from the breast as this provides the best stimulation of the milk supply. Expressing and then bottle feeding takes twice the time and with a new baby there is more than enough to do plus a new mother is also very tired. You will notice that you will be very full when you wean your baby so it is better that you do this gradually over a week or more if possible. This helps your milk reduce naturally and you can introduce bottles gradually.

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