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I suppose to be 7wks pregnant, the first day of my last period was on the 19th of April, however I have a 31 day period cycle so I don't know if that is going to make much of a difference to the 28 day cycle. However my problem is that I've had a few complications during my early pregnancy, where I've had some spotting and a clotting type discharge. I went to the doctor ran a few tests and just had an ultrasound today to which the results were that there is the visibility of the sac, however the doctor said there was so heart beat or visibility of the embryo. Is that normal at 7wks it's just that I've read articles where the embryo should be visible by now and heart beat should be heard. I'm having another ultrasound in a weeks time to see if there has been any changes, however I'm quite concerned, could you please be of help we would be much appreciative
Hi Ani,

I too would love to hear what is said.. Amazing your cycle is exactly as mine (about 31 days) and you got pregnant 1 day after me.. makes me seven weeks as yourself.

I'm having little complications too. Do you have pains during sex? Have you spotted or rather had a pinkish discharge after or the following day?
Havn't had a scan as yet as I am in denial anything is wrong.. I'm waiting for another 5 wks till my 11 wk scan with my OB, unless something seriously doesn't feel right, then I will have a check up.

Try not to worry too much about non-visibility just yet.
The embryo lies under the pubic bone and usually isn't seen until closer to the twelve week. (This includes trying to hear the heartbeat, but this doesn't always mean something is wrong.) Sometimes its lucky that the doctor can pick it up. Wait till the end of the week until your next scan and post how it all went.
Good luck. Is this your first baby?
Thank you for your enquiry. If you have a 31 day cycle, the gestation period (pregnancy) will be extended by an extra three days. Fertilisation would have occurred 14 days prior to your period being due. So development will be from then and will be slightly behind that of a 28 day cycle. This can make a difference in the first few weeks especially when determining a heart beat. So don’t worry too much just yet. If your bleeding becomes worse or you are experiencing cramps you need to have a check up. The majority of problems during pregnancy occur in the early stages unfortunately sometimes all you can do is wait and see if the pregnancy progresses.
Best wishes over the next few weeks,

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