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dark pigmentation on the legs Lock Rss

Hi Alex,
I am 35 weeks pregnant and have noticed the pigmentation, which starts from the back of my legs to the front, becoming darker. They look blotchy but not itchy or causing any discomfort. I have spoken with my own midwife during my checkups, and she thinks it will disappeaer after I give birth. Do you have any idea what causes this?
Thank you


Thank you for your enquiry. The increase in pigmentation could be from an increase in the progesterone levels during pregnancy. If it is only on your legs, it could also be from varicose veins. If you think it may from varicose veins you need to see a specialist for advice as the staining can be permanent.
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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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