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I have a beautiful 4 1/2 month old daughter and I exclusively breastfeed.

How many feeds should I expect to be feeding in 24 hours?

She seems to feed really well at night but during the day will only feed for a few minutes before pulling off, whinging, going back on and then just happy to play.

She seems content and happy. Has good bowel motions and passes urine.

It is just that she is having two to three night feeds. She does have one sleep of about 6 - 8 hours but a month ago she was sleeping for 10.

Is this all normal. Should I just go with the flow and try 4 - 5 hour feeds?

Please help.

Kind regards,


Kiri, MO2

Hi Kiri,
Thank you for your enquiry. A baby at 4 -5 months of age becomes very efficient at getting breast milk very quickly. They are also easily distracted at this age. You may think that your daughter is not getting much but in fact she is getting quite a bit. However, if you are offering her the breast every 1 – 2 hours she may just be snacking. Try to stretch the feeds a bit but don’t be too concerned for now she sounds as if she is content. It is quite normal for a baby to go through periods of shorter or longer sleep and want a feed or two during the night at her age.
Best wishes,

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