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I'm due tomorrow! I'm very happy that I'm near the end of my pregnancy and everything has been travelling beautifully. I'm expecting a healthy little girl hopefully within the next week. As of yet I haven't had a show of any sort and my babys head isn't engaged. Does she need to be engaged in order to start releasing the hormones which help to ripen my cervix and start labour? I have been experiencing frequent braxton hicks contractions at various parts of the day and during the night am feeling stronger period like pains, but the feeling s go as quickly as they start. If I haven't gone into labour by the 13th my ob is intending on inducing me using cervidil. What exactly will this do in terms of getting my labour started?



Thank you for your enquiry. If this is not your first baby then there is no cause for concern if the baby’s head has not engaged. The drug that you mention is inserted vaginally to try to ripen up your cervix and get it ready for labour. This can take several days and sometimes you need quite a few doses.

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