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Breastfeeding and mentrual cycle Lock Rss

It is now 7 months since the birth of my baby and I have been breastfeeding. In the 5 month since introducing solids my period returned however, I am now concerned at what has been happening during the 6 month. I have been constantly bleeding for the past month. It is not a lot of blood, but due to the length of time I am now becoming a little concerned. Is this irregularity normal? SHould I seek urgent medical help.
Hi Tanya,

Thank you for your enquiry. It is common for your periods to be a bit irregular when breastfeeding but prolonged or continuous bleeding needs to be checked by a health professional. You haven't stated if you are still breastfeeding or if you are getting any cramps with the bleeding or what type of bleeding you are experiencing or if you are using the minipill as contraception (this can affect your blood loss) - so it is difficult for me to really assess your situation. It is best to be checked out but if the bleeding is only light you can make a routine appointment with your health care professional, there is no need to urgently seek medical help.

Best wishes,


<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>

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