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Around peope undergoing chemotherapy while pregnant / or planning to be soon Lock Rss

Hi, I just have a question in regards to being around someone underging chemo, while being pregnant myself. I have heard you are not to be in contact with anyone under going chemo and just wanted to confirm if this is so, before we see this person..
Thanks for your time KMN

Three gorgeous kids!!!

ok dont' take this the wrong way lol. put yourself in my shoes. I am 39 weeks pregnant today. my beautiful girl who is 3 in July is currently undergoing chemotherapy for a cancer called retinoblastoma. would you avoid your child going through this? I had issues to when we first found out about Kenzie, and had heard all sorts of things with being pregnant and being around chemo patients. my answer to my quesiton is NO i wasn't going to stop being around her she is my daughter. So i asked oncologists and nurses. and yes whilst there is precautions that need to be taken like wearing glvoes when dealing with bodily fluids, it is relatively safe to be around them. My angel is away today and tomorrow having her chemo and i am 39 weeks struggling to be away from her knowing that she is going to sick from the medicine. But no it is safe being around people having chemo as long as your not dealing with a)bodily fluids or b) near the medicines. im sure your friend would appreciate the visit. its a scary time for all involved. whatever decisoin u make has to be made by you, and i hope you choose whats right for you. i hope i don't sound to rude, just giving you a current real life situation that we are going through that might help you make your mind up gasp) Love Kel xoxo

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

You should be fine to be around somebody undergoing chemo, as you won't be handling any chemotoxic drugs or bodily fluids. Safe also if the person has radiotherapy.

One word of caution - most oncology patients at some stage undergo nuclear medicine testing. You should definitely avoid them during this time as they will be emitting gamma rays. The length of time depends on the actual isotope used, but is generally around 2 - 3 days for most. Less if a bone scan (used to check for spread). It is fine for your partner to see them, though, gamma rays do not transfer. If you cannot avoid a person who has had an isotope injection, minimise your time with them and remain at a distance of no less than 3m whenever possible.

Kelly - so sorry to hear about McKenzie. Hope she feels better soon.
[Edited on 09/05/2007]
Hi girls, thanks for your replys, Kelly so sorry to hear about your little girl i hope she is back home with you now and it wont be long to the end of her treatment, what a brave little girl. Totally understand if that was my little girl nothing would keep me away either. Its actually my mil's husband undergoing chemo who the family dont often see a great deal of (long story)lol so 5 weeks without seeing him isnt anything out of the ordinary, it was more to go and see mil who is staying with him, (in melb for the 5 weeks for treatment) Also dont wont to mention to her that i'm preg yet but she was saying if we were even thinking about falling preg soon we wont be able to go down to visit????

Three gorgeous kids!!!


Thank you for your enquiry. It is advisable that you check with the doctors in regards to this. It does depend on the type of treatment and the type of drug. Sometimes the drug is only present in urine and sometimes the drugs are more dangerous such as a radioactive treatment.

Best wishes,

NSW Midwives Association
Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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