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Pelvic Separation and Birth Rss

Hi all,
Has anyone out there suffered from pevic separation? My pregnancy has been terrible. I have had severe morning sickness for 7 months and have been on Zorfan. I have low blood pressure and now a separated pelvis that is getting worse with each day. I am now reduced to Physio andd hydro therapy where all I can do is float - absolutely NO other physical activity allowed. I have been advised that I may go into labour early and have also been told that the labour may be considerably more painful. I don't know whether to just bite the bullet and ask for a C Section - I don't know how much more misery I can take. Due late June.....can anyone help?
I had this to. I don't have much time to elaborate as its feeding time at the zoo here at the moment. But i just wanted to let you know that I think you'll find the pelvic seperation will be a god send in labour.

My labour was 2 1/2 hours which in itself was still very painful (as labour is) but the transition and birth was SUPER fast. I went from 7cm and her needing to turn a little to fully dialated and her out within the space of 20 minutes. She literally shot out!

My MW said that she sees this often when people have had pelvic seperation or SPD. Pregnancy = painful but for the birth well guess what, your pelvis just seperates! And trust me you are in enough pain due to contractions that you just don't notice.

I have to say, i have had ongoing pelvis pain since the birth BUT the birth itself was a walk in the park and I put this largely down to the fact that my pelvis just seperated and allowed her to come down the birth canal really quickly and easily.

I hope this helps allay some of your fears. Trust me there is a benefit to this pain that you are going through right now.

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