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Hey there I dont think my last question of the same nature went thru so here we go.....

I had the perfect pregnancy to 30 weeks, when My blood pressure rose extremely high, and I was placed on pills to try to control this. It never led to toxemia, but none the less, placed a lot of pressure on bubs, and we r extremely lucky we had a midwife who was onto it, as if it wasnt for her getting me scanned every week, and monitored every 3 days, Kenzie wouldn't be here!

I was told she was IUGR at 33 weeks, and probs due to blood pressure in pregnancy. Now I do know all pregnancys are different, but was wondering, when we go to have another baby, are my chances of facing similar situation more than probable?? I was scanned the day i was induced, and Kenzie had very little fluid around her, and my placenta had started to give up, and this was all at 39 weeks, so I am semi worried about facing a similar situation. So could u please tell me what my chances are of having HBP in my future pregnancies

Cheers, Love Kel and Kenzie sorry for the ramble!

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi Kel and Kenzie,

Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if you had a bit of a rough time with your first pregnancy but at least your condition was diagnosed so that you and your baby could be monitored and you both are now happy and enjoying being together.

As to the question of could this happen again, well the chances are much lower and not usually to the same extent but it could. Firstly, it depends if you had the condition known as pre-eclampsia or just high blood pressure in pregnancy. You may have to check with your health care team to find out. Pre-eclampsia is a disease of pregnancy that affects several parts of your body, not just your blood pressure. The good news is that this disease most commonly occurs in first pregnancies and much less frequently in subsequent pregnancies. High blood pressure in pregnancy is when your blood pressure is elevated in pregnancy but it doesn’t involve other areas of your body. Sometimes medication is used to control the blood pressure. This condition tends to reoccur in each pregnancy but it usually can be well controlled and is much less dangerous to mother and baby.

The chances are that having your second child will be a much better experience for you.

Best wishes,


<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>

Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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