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pre-eclempsia? Lock Rss

i had twins when i was 16 and i had preeclempsia from about 19weeks... i was on medication to keep my bloodpressure down from 23weeks and had my kdis at 36weeks but i suffered from a stroke during surgery in having them as the pre-eclempsia turned into eclempsia... i was then adviced not to have any more kids ever as i would have major problems. i am now 15weeks pregnant due to rape and have aready started having double vision dissy spills and little white littles shinning over my eyes all the time...
if i choice to have this baby what are the chances of things going wrong again?

Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if you had a really rough time with your twins. Eclampsia and toxaemia in pregnancy is a serious but rare disease and can cause many complications to both mother and baby. Fortunately it is usually diagnosed and controlled well before any major complications occur. This condition is more common in first pregnancies and rarer in subsequent pregnancies. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms you really need to be checked by your doctor and your medical history can be discussed in more detail. Unfortunately, having a history of severe eclampsia in pregnancy has placed you at a higher risk of getting some form of this disease again in subsequent pregnancies. You may be advised to talk to the medical team that advised you against having any further pregnancies. Hopefully if you are given the go ahead your experience with any subsequent pregnancy is better than your first.

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Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.

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