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Hello, I have had my 28week check up and the doctor is concern that the baby has not grown much in the 4week period, he didn't say much other than to count the babies movments and not do anything for two weeks unitl I have my next check up - what does this actually mean if the baby isn't growing and how important is it to stop working.

Many thanks
[Edited on 01/08/2007]
Hi Louise,
Thank you for your enquiry. It is really difficult for me to really know what is going on as I feel as if I only know a tiny bit of the story. A baby’s growth is just one thing that is checked at each antenatal visit. It is usually checked by palpation (feeling) and measurement. If the carer thinks that the growth may be slower than expected, further investigations are undertaken, such as a movement chart and an ultrasound. The ultrasound can check the flow of blood through the cord to see if it is adequate and can also check the baby’s size. Seeing that your carer advised just a movement chart (which is a really good way to see of the baby is happy), he may not be overly concerned at this stage. If your carer thinks that there may be a problem with your baby’s growth, he should advise you to stop work and rest. It really depends on the sort of work that you are doing and how demanding it is and if your baby’s growth is really being affected. Try to fill in the chart as accurately as possible and rest as much as possible then return to your carer with lots of questions about you continuing to work and if you need any further investigations.

Best wishes,

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Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.

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