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Dizziness ??? Lock Rss

I'm 16 weeks along in my 3rd pg. I have had slightly low blood pressure since becoming pg (my first symptom) and average morning sickness (vomiting once or twice a week).

I have finished antibiotics for a uti and ended up with thrush (now treated). I have microscopic haematuria so my iron levels are alsways slightly low and I can't keep iron tablets down (have been eating spinach regularly).

I have lost 4kg since becoming pregnant (I lost 10kg in first 6 months with #1). and have had problems getting to sleep (just restless).

I haven't been exercising much, including housework, as I get extremely dizzy and headachy if I stand for long. I had my blood sugar levels taken after nearly fainting on Tuesday and they were 9.2 (I had, had a coke 2 hours before).

My GP outs the problem down to stress from having a small age gap between children. The only thing I am stressed about is the frustration from having my husband do everything.

I am booked in for haemoglobin levels and blood sugar levels on Monday. Is there anything I can do, to get rid of the dizzyness and survive my pregnancy.

I really would love to have more children, but I am struggling with being pregnant.

Thank you for reading through this and any help you can give me.

WA 4 yr old boy, 2yr old girl, 6 month old boy


Thank you for your enquiry. It can be frustrating experiencing some of the symptoms of early pregnancy. It is reassuring to know that these symptoms usually don’t last all pregnancy and start to ease as you get into the second trimester. Dizziness can be related to hormone changes in pregnancy, blood pressure changes, and low iron levels. It sounds as if you are experiencing a combination of these. All I can suggest is that you try to drink plenty of water, don’t jump up suddenly from a lying or sitting position to standing, don’t stand for long periods, try to maintain good iron levels, and try not to get too tired. Hopefully as your pregnancy progresses, the symptoms will reduce.

Best wishes,

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