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After a turbulent 6 weeks I am at a loss as to whats going on. I am 35 weeks pregnant now and bubs is breech.

I was ill after picking up a bug from my husband and a dr gave me maxolon, i'm not sure if I had an ellergic reaction but the next day I suffered a panic attack. The following day the same thing happened and no one would look into my throat -- end result after more shots of maxolon etc was a severe throat infection which I was given penicilian and while not totally but the throat improved. After about 2 weeks of this incident I started having trouble sleeping where I would have to pace the house every time I tried to lie down I would have to getup again. Sometimes this has been during the day as well and some nights are better than others. I was originally diagnosed with anxiety but a psychologist has confirmed that I definately don't have anxiety and believes it to be medical. Could this be pregnancy related and if so how do I deal with it or do I have to wait until bubs is here?

Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if you are having a bit of a rough time at the moment. There is a condition called Restless legs syndrome (RLS) that pregnant women are more susceptible to. It is an unusual condition of the nervous system, characterised by the compelling need to move the legs and usually experienced when trying to sleep. The strange sensation in the calves has been described as a type of cramp, soreness or a creeping, crawling feeling. Some liken the sensation to shooting darts of electricity, or even squirming insects inside the legs. The same symptoms can also be caused by other conditions, including diabetes, iron deficiency anaemia, alcoholism and some forms of arthritis. It is usually diagnosed through your doctor and a sleep disorder clinic. This may be what you are suffering from. It is best discussed with your doctor who can investigate further and offer suggestions to reduce symptoms.

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