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my daugher has started signing back!!! Rss

Hi Jackie,

We purchased your book 6.5 months ago when our daughter was 6 months. We have been using the same few signs with her for most of that time but have introduced a few more signs to her in the past month. She is now 12.5 months old and a couple of weeks ago she started to sign back to us with the "sleep" sign. I only thought she was using it for the Teddy Bear Says Goodnight book that we use for her. Then just a few days ago she started to sign the "teddy bear" sign when she sees pictures of teddies in books. It was so amazing! I was feeling so discouraged that nothing was happening for months but as very pleased that i percerviered with the signing and hope that the understands the other ones that I have been using with her. Thank you and hope that others are also encouraged to keep on signing to their children also.

Dear SJ

Congratulations. The most important part of introducing baby sign into your home is consistency and patience
It does take time. I just wanted to say "Well Done". It can be discouraging but if you persist, it is all worth it.
Keep in touch, I would love to hear how your baby progresses.

Happy Signing

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Hi SJ,

I have a 7 month old son and I started to sign to him when he was 5 1/2 months. After only 1 week he was signing back 'milk' and I was SOOOOO excited as I had read that it could take a long time for them to sign back.

Anyway....I was all geared up for his next sign and (I have to say with a little disappointment) hasn't come yet.

I know it hasn't been as consistent as I am now back at work and my carer's either won't sign ("because he isn't deaf") or my other carer forgets to.

So now I am playing the waiting game....but I am SO proud of him when he does do his 'milk' sign...especially around others (including the carers)


Sara, Vic, 1st time mum

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