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Hi Leanne,

My 5.5 month baby boy is an absolute nightmare when it comes to giving him his bottle. He weighs 10.4kgs and is 71cm tall so is not small. He sleeps 12 hours and when he wakes I struggle to give him 100mls! We go all day sometimes until 4 - 5pm when he gets interested after only having 400mls all day. I have introduced solids and he has one meal a day at lunchtime (was 2 but plunket advised me to cut it back) and I have changed the teats on his bottle to 6mths fast flow. He has been checked at the doctors too and he is fit & healthy. Sometimes he also goes over 5 hours without a feed.

I am getting really worried as I know milk is the most important food until 8 months and I am getting extremely frustrated.

Please help
i realyl wouldnt be worried, we spent about 8 mths trying to get rhylie to have more then 30 mls in one day, he was only having around 150-200mls all day. as long as he is a good weight dont stress at all,
Hi there,

Well it sounds like in fact things may well be just fine. It is a bit of a case of leading a horse to water. You simply can’t force them, keep offering at the regular times and if it is rejected that is okay. It could be a stage or it could be that he simply doesn’t require it at that point. Baby is by far your best guide as to how much and how often. Keep in mind of course that formula is very filling and tends to sit much longer in their tummies so formula fed bubs do often go longer between feeds.

Be rest assured if you bub is healthy, happy and growing well and you have been and seen all the appropriate people you have done all the right things and these are excellent indicators of how bub is going! It sounds to me as though you are well informed and have good support around you so keep on as you are. Also it might be worth noting that bubs can go off either milk feeds or solids or both for a while due to lots of reasons for example teething.

If you notice changes in his development then be alarmed.

So I hope this eases your mind, just keep offering and things will move along as they should.

All the best

Cadence Health
Author of ‘What do I Feed my Baby?’ and ‘Sneakys Recipes for Fussy Foodies’ books.
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