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I have a 9month old who has been wrapped since being born. This works well and we can put him into his cot awake and he will be asleep in a couple of minutes. Recently he has started to get half or all the way out of the wrap by morning but still sleeps.
We have been told to stop wrapping him at his age and just put him in the cot with nothing. This has been a disaster and he just wakes every 2 hours or gets wedged in the side of the cot. After trying this for a week, last night we wrapped just his lower half and he slept all night!! Is it a big problem if we wrap him with his arms out?

hi i would love some advice on this aswell. My 6 month old has just worked out how to get out of her wrap as well. And as like you people say just stop wrapping her.I agree especially because its starting to get to hot!! And she feels the heat. But she is so used to being wrapped as it helps her to sleep and now that she is getting out of her wrap getting her to sleep is a battle!!


advice for me too please!
mine is 5 months, rolls around, gets himself a bit tangled up, or just gets out of it. The wrap still works as a signal, but I suspect it is time for it to go. Should I wean him off it by just wrapping around his lower half, or go cold turkey?

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I have a 4mth old that gets all tangled during his day sleeps but stays still most nights. I have tried to put him down unwrapped but he just screams. I would like to give you advice but I need help also, any advice would be good. Sorry I can help, I am going to try and ring Karitane in the next few days, I will let you know what they say.

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From birth my baby didnt like to be wrapped so when we got him home we went and got one of those sleeping bags where there arms are free but the rest of them is in the bag - best thing we ever did - at the moment he is still in our room as he is only 2.5mths so we have the air con on so not too hot but for him in the bag but we have bought some summer bags for him that do not have sleves - TRUST ME the sleeping bag works - we have never looked back!!! with the sleeping bag they can not wiggle out of it,they still feel secure and nothing can ever cover their faces!! hope it works for you like it did for me!

We had a sleeping bag for winter but he was wrapped as well. We have been looking for a summer version but havent found any -where did you pick yours up from? We are in Queensland and it is already to warm to wear the winter ones! At the moment we still wrap from under the arms but would like to try the sleeping bags.
i live in queensland as well - i got mine from target and also from trade secret - if you have your bubba in a sleeping bag you dont need to wrap him - we have not wrapped our son since he was 5days old - at night we just put him in his sleeping bag and off he goes he can wiggle as much as he likes and he is safe - the summer ones dont have any sleves. i still put him in a wondersuit but we have our room air cond to about 26 so he can still sleep and is not too hot
i know you can get them from big w and k mart but i got ours from target (snuggle time i think they are called) - bubs baby shop in the valley has them as well but just a litte more expensive

We don’t recommend wrapping baby after 3 months as they become active and can get tangled. We do suggest a sleeping bag is a good idea. If half wrapping is working for you and he is 9 months then I don’t see any real issues.

Cheers Maree

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