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Hi I have a 21 month DD, she has always been a great sleeper - at home. Recently 2 sleep issues have come up that i need help with. We have a fairly set routine, which is
Waking: 7-8am
Lunchtime Nap: 12ish, for 2-3 hours
Bedtime: 7-8pm (sleeps right through)

Lately she has been waking at about 530-6. She will still sometimes last til lunch, but sometimes needs her nap around 10. I'm 22 weeks pregnant, not sleeping well, and would really love that extra hour or 2 in the morning! I've tried giving her a shorter nap at lunch, but she gets too tired before dinner. I've tried making bed time a little later, but she still wakes early. Even on day care day, when lunch time nap is 30mins-1hr, she still wakes early the following day. I've also tried giving her a small bottle, playing some soft music, or just leaving her in the hope that she'll go back to sleep but to no avail.

Also, she will NOT sleep if we're out. Not in the pram, not in the car, hardly at day care, and is also hard to get to sleep at night if someone is babysitting her. If by some miracle she does fall asleep, its usually only for an hour max. If she sees the portacot, she screams before we've even put her in it, so we've tried other portacots and putting her in a big bed. No luck. It makes it hard to do anything on the weekend because it revolves around her daytime sleep.

Any advice would be much appreciated


Hi Christine,

Don’t make a battle out of the day sleep. With daylight saving this might help with early mornings otherwise you need to choose battle, cuddle or get up - I’d choose cuddle

Be consistent with the bedtime routine no matter what her daytime has been like she might even be getting ready to drop the day nap soon.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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