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Separating Co-bedded twins Lock Rss

Hi, I'm seeking some tips or ideas on settleing and separating co-bedded twins. I have premmie twins born at 27 weeks, a girl and a boy, who have been co bedded since they came out of humidicribs. They're now 6 months (adjusted age 3 months) and getting bigger and more active. They're used to sleeping firmly wrapped snuggled close together, but are wriggling themselves out of wrap and disturbing each other. Sleeping them separately, they just don't seem to settle at all.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

We normally suggest to stop wrapping after 3 months and with them becoming more active and also Summer almost here I would stop wrapping and make the change to individual cots at the same time. They have been used to sleeping together and this has become their sleep association so separating them is going to be a bit stressful for them at first so the quicker you can do it the better. Our settling program takes you step by step through the settling techniques you can use and I suggest you start with the worst sleeper first.

You can get an overview of our settling program from Your Baby’s Sleep section of the Huggies site or for more detail, and a visual demonstration, It's Time To Sleep DVD&BOOK.

Cheers Maree.

It's Time to Sleep

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