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My daughter is close to 6 months old and sleeps very well at night but I have two problems that are starting to drive me nuts.

Firstly, she wakes up FAR too early and will not go back to sleep. She goes to bed between 7 - 7.30pm and wakes between 5 - 6am. I can cope with 6am but 5am is too early for me! I have tried keeping her up a bit later in the evening and it usually results in her waking a bit closer to 6 but I can't do it every night as she is usually so tired by 7.30 that I can't keep her up (and I don't want her overtired). She is very happy when she wakes and just lays there talking but she'll do that for an hour and then she wants up and feeding. So I get her up but then she's been up for an hour already and is tired again within 1/2 - 1 hour. Any tips for getting her to sleep a bit longer?

Secondly, she only ever sleeps for 45 minutes at a time during the day. I can time her to the minute! She'll have three or four 45 minute sleeps a day. She is really happy between sleeps and is usually up for 2 - 3 hours each time. Its driving me crazy as I feel that I have only just put her down when she's up again! I have tried leaving her to let her go back to sleep herself but again, she'll talk for an hour and then start grizzling. I've tried the resettling techniques but she just gets crabby with me and starts bellowing. Sometimes, very rarely, she'll drop off again after a good scream but then only for 10 - 15 minutes so it barely seems worth putting us both through the agony of her crying. Should I just get over it and accept the short sleeps as her pattern?

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Sometimes we do just have to accept that some babies are just early risers.

If you could get longer naps out of her during the day she may be able to go that bit longer in the evening, 45 mins is just a cat nap.You could try to persist for a while longer with the techniques because it can take a few weeks for them to work sometimes.

Try not to make a battle out of it though.

It does get hard when we have such busy lives and so much to do but sometimes we just have to live with it.

Best of luck
Cheers Maree

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