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HiMaree I have a ten week old baby girl who sleeps 12-13 hrs at night then wakes for a bottle( about 200mls) then goes back to sleep for about 5 hrs, she is only having 4 feeds a day but getting her daily requirement. My querie is, is having only 4 bottles a day a developmental problem? should i wake her for an extra feed each day?
Thanks Tanya

Tanya, mum of Lily 08/12/03 & Hana 26/07/05

Hi Tanya,

Your baby daughter is certainly doing a lot of sleeping. My main concern about her feeding would be that she is getting the correct amount of her daily requirements and you say she. I would suggest that you check with your health nurse to see if she sees any real issues with her routine and follow her guidelines.

Cheers Maree

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