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I have 9 month old twins who share a room. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable as I also have two older boys, 4 and 6years old who share the other available bedroom. Twin 1, Phoebe sleeps through the night most nights but when she does wake, she is really difficult to resettle, she just wants to get up and play. Twin 2, Kaidan has problems settling and constantly wakes during the night. If Phoebe wakes in the night, she wakes Kaidan also (although Phoebe usually sleeps through when Kaidan wakes). Their bedtime routine is bath at about 7pm, cuddles and bottle. They usually fall asleep with their bottle and I put them in their cots. Kaidan can wake anywhere up to 8 times a night! I give him his dummy and perhaps a quick cuddle if he needs it and he will usually go back to sleep, until the next time.

They usually have 1-2 sleeps a day totalling about 2 - 3.5hrs. They settle quite easily during the day.

Any tips? Also, I am trying to obtain a copy of Time to Sleep but I am in the ACT and David Jones is listed as the stockist here. I have tried them and they said they don't stock the book anymore. I don't have a credit card for online ordering but I would really like to get a copy of this book. Do you know of any other stockists in the ACT?



The reason they are waking is because you are feeding them to sleep and then transferring them into their cot. When they wake on their light sleep- as we all do- they don’t know how to resettle themselves and you don’t know any other way, other than a cuddle to get them back to sleep. I know all this because it is exactly what I used to do!

The settle program would most definitely help you and you will need to settle the worst sleeper first.
You could ask Angus and Robertson or Collins to order it in for you, or you could arrange to send a cheque or money order instead of credit card.
Contact me directly through to make arrangements if you wish to.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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