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In a big bed now. Lock Rss

My son (19-20 months) has recently moved from a cot to a bed.
Prior to putting him in a big bed, we would put him into his cot and he would go off to sleep (thanks to 'it's time to sleep'). He has been in his bed for about a month, the first two weeks were great, he would just drop off to sleep but now now he keeps coming out of bed into the lounge, this can go on and on, we have tried to read him a story before bed but he is just too excited about being in bed. We tell him to go back to bed, walk him back to his room etc...and in a couple of minutes we can hear him coming back again. After about 1 hour and a half he has worn himself out with crying, etc that he finally drops off. He sleeps throught the night - which is great. But how can I get him to just go to sleep when we put him in there, we have given him a soft toy to associate with bed time..Im not sure what to do...will this get better?

It will get better but you must persist or else he wins. You must follow through with things like closing the door or taking special things away if he gets up.

What time do you put him to bed? Maybe it is a bit early, and following his tired signs might ease the battle a little. Is he still having a nap during the day.

Cheers Maree

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