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When to move to a big bed? pillows? Lock Rss

My son is 14 months old. We want to move him to a bed so we can give the cot to our other son as he is almost out of his cradle. BUt i am not sure if he is ready. Are there any signs i should look for? If hes not ready we are happy to buy another cot as the cot he is in eventually changes to abed and a lounge so it is reusable if we need to buy another one. I recently put in a post that he still wakes at 5-6 am for a bottle, we have tried to give him water and that seems to work, but I am worried about him getting out a big bed?
also, when do we introduce pillows? he seems to cuddle his stuffed doll and put it under his head like a pillow.. is that a sign?

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I had my son in his cot until his 3rd birthday and we made a great big deal out of the lead up to it.

I think he is still too young to move and definitely no pillow before 2 years and only then a very flat one.

Cheers Maree

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