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Moving baby to cot Lock Rss

My little boy is almost 12 weeks old. I have started putting him in his cot during the day without too much hassle. I have read that after 12 weeks he should no longer be wrapped, but he smacks himself in the face regularly if he isn't.

We live in a cold climate and its still getting down to 2 degrees overnight. I don't want him to be cold but I don't know what coverings are best..

Your help would be most appreciated.

Proud Mummy!

Wrap him a little longer if you are getting results, at least until the whether warms up a little.

Do make sure you loosen the wraps and have baby sleeping on his back once he has fallen asleep.

Have a blanket rather than a doona and a nice warm body suit is always good.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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