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will she ever sleep through Lock Rss

Hi my 14 month old daughter still isn't sleeping through the night.

She has just had her tonsils and adenoids (Late August) out both of which were blocking her airways at night time so she has learnt it is hard to sleep. Since they came out she has gone from sleeping for an hour and a half to to sleeping for about 7-8 hours at a time. Wow i feel better but would now like her to sleep right through.

Then she kept on getting ear infections so back to every 2-3 hours but now has grommets and sleeps for about 5-6 hours at a time.

We have tried to do the controlled crying but she vomits and gets too worked up and it stresses me and my husband out. So am asking if there is any other way to teach my daughter it is ok to sleep when she wakes. at the moment we just give her a bottle and she quickly resettles. The odd time she has only needed a cuddle.

Would appreciate any advice.

Your daughter associates going back to sleep with a bottle, and if you want to break that habit you will need to stop giving it to her. My suggestion would always be to implement some settling techniques instead of giving the bottle but if you really don’t want to do any controlled comforting then you will have to comfort her as best you can, but do be careful not to create yet another sleep association in the meantime.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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