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Bedtime for 10 month old Lock Rss

Hi Maree,
I have a ten month old baby who is getting roughly 11 hours sleep each night (6:15pm - 5:15 am) but still wakes up in the morning really tired. She doesn't wake at all for a feed during the night and dinner is at 5pm followed by a bath and a breastfeed, by which time she is very cranky and irritable. She sleeps well during the day (3 sleeps of about an hour each). When she wakes in the morning I give her a breastfeed and put her straight back to bed because she is just too tired. Should I be putting her to bed earlier? I certainly don't want her waking earlier though!!!
I wouldn’t put her to bed earlier than 6.15pm. I think what you are doing is fine.

You are always best to follow tired signs and remember an overtired baby is harder to settle.

Cheers Maree

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