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My 11 week old son has a good feed(breast) between 7 and 9pm. He then sleeps through to between 11pm and 1am. After that he wakes every hour. He seems to be hungry but after feeding still won't settle. He spends all his time grunting and won't settle until about 11am. Can you give me any advice?
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I strongly advise that you get a copy of It’s Time To Sleep DVD&BOOK and read it and watch it from one end to the other. It will take you step by step through a settling routine and teach you how to recognize ‘sparrowing’ or comfort sucking a opposed to proper feeding.

I am always on line to support mothers as well.

Huggies have a great discount offer on at the moment see <a href="">Member Exclusive Book Offers</a>.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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