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moving into a big bed Lock Rss

Mu daughter is 21 months and moves in the bed alot often across the cot, she is also a light sleeper so cant move her when asleep. She is currently sleeping in a sleeping bag and am trying to stop this however when she sleeps in the bag she goes to bed like a lamb, without she will talk and play for 1 hour plus and take off her nappy. Do you have any suggestions in what I can do?

As the weather warms up you will have to change this routine regardless, so I would invest in some outfits that are less likely to be removed.

My son was always very restless and I was hesitant to put him in a bed for this reason but I found that when he did go into a bed on his 3rd birthday he was a very sound sleeper.

Watch for tired signs when putting baby to bed and don’t let playing go on for too long before ‘butting in’ and letting her know it’s time to sleep not play.

Cheers Maree

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