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Too much sleep? not enough feeding Lock Rss

Don't know whether I should be waking my 8week old daughter for four hourly day feeds. She has just started on Losec for reflux and has gone from getting very little day sleep to having really long sleeps. (She is still asleep now and it is 6hrs) She slept from 7.45pm to 8.30 am with one feed at 4.00a.m and then another at 8.30a.m. At this rate she won't be getting enough BF's. Should I be waking her to feed, or is she catching up on the last 8 weeks of sleep deprivation?

Karen, SA, baby Kate 24/08/2005


Speak to your health nurse, but so long as she is getting the correct amount of milk each day and is gaining the expected weight for her age I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Cheers Maree

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