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Hi, my 8 1/2 week old daughter has always been a realy good sleeper, waking in the mornings about 7 am, she will then have a feed, a play and be back in bed by 8.45 - 9am. She will have about 1 hr sleep in the mornign about 9am, wake for a feed and play about 10am then 2 - 1/2 hrs sleep at lunchtime. She then has another feed about 2-2.30pm and another 1 - 1 1/2 hrs sleep in the afternoon about 4pm. She feeds then about 6 -6.30pm. I was having problems from about 4 1/2 weeks old with her not settling between 7 and 10 at night but that is sorted now by bathing at 6pm and then feeding and her going to bed by 7pm. She goes straight to sleep. We wake her at 10pm for a 10.30pm feed and then she sleeps from 11pm until about 3 or 4 in the moring.This has been working really well. About 5 days ago this all changed. She wakes now about 5.30 -6 am, has her first feed about 6.30, then is back in bed by about 8am, waking then at 9am, feeding about 10am, back into bed by 11 - 11.30am, but will then only have 1 hrs sleep. I have been to Tweedle day stay but the 20min re-settling technique is not working at this time. She then has a feed about 2pm, another 1hr sleep about 4pm, her bath at 6pm, a fed 6.30pm and in bed by 7pm. we wake her about 10pm for her feed at 10.30pm. She then goes straight back to sleep by 11pm. She will now also wakes about 2.30 - 3am and not 3 - 4am. I am slightly frustrated as things seemed to be going so well and my sleep pattern was coinciding with hers. I am a little concerned with day light savings starting next week that she will wake even earlier and need 2 feds during the nigh. How do I not only get her midday sleep back on track but also encourage her to go that extra hour or 2 in the night? She is putting on the correct amount of weight according to my maternal health nurse. I have tried asking her these questions but I am not getting the help I am seeking. Any suggestions would be geatly appreciated.

Your daughter is only 81/2 weeks old and will be changing all the time, you can't expect her routine to be the same when she is growing. Just try to follow a feed /play/ sleep routine and just remember things can't always be perfect and each day will be different . Try not to stress over it baby's can sense this.

All the best
Cheers Maree

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