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Hi, need help !

My 1st newborn is 8 weeks now and she has recently change her sleeping pattern this week and we get very tired during night time.

She sleeps all day during daytime, no play, fall back to sleep straight away after feeding. I tried to talk to her, move her and walk her around and she gets furious and fall back to sleep immediately at whatever position. She then cries for the next feed (every 4 hours) with her her shut and go back to sleep again after feeding. This goes on and go until the feeding at 11pm when she starts kicking her legs, swinging her hands happily, cooing and smile a lot. It seems like she thought the time she wakes up is morning??

You will need to make every effort to either keep her awake or wake her 30 mins after feeding.

Take her outside hold her up change her nappy, cool washer, even if you are making her cross you need to change the routine back.

Best of luck
cheers Maree

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