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2yr old with Eczema Lock Rss

I have a 2yr old with severe eczema and asthma.
She has developed a terrible habit of waiting several times (5-6) during the night because her skin is itchy. She will happily go to bed and falls asleep on her own, but when she wakes she is generally irritable and finds comfort when she is sleeping with us. When she wakes we will put her back to bed, tell her it is night time and she goes back to sleep, but is up again and at our bedside an hour later. About 5am we give in and let her into our bed.

We have tried numerous sleep programmes to try and all have appeared to be hopeless. With are as consistent as we can be with the lack of sleep we both get and as we work full time really need to get a little shut eye each night. May people have told us that if we shut the door, she will realise that she can't get out and go back to sleep, we did try this, but she was so hysterical that she had a asthma attack and ended up in hospital - not a good start. So we won't be trying this again. if you have any advice we would really appreciate it. Thank you.
HI Tania,
I think a lot of her waking has to do with habit now and the only thing I can suggest is just keep putting her back to bed quickly and quietly and let her know it’s time to sleep.

It is hard to implement when you have so many other issues to contend with as well with her asthma and eczema.

All the best
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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