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6 month old gets stuck on tummy and cries at night Lock Rss


Chelsea is 6 months old next week and has recently learned how to roll over from back to front but hasn't mastered from front to back. She wakes anywhere between 2 to 10 times a night. I have ordered the Time to sleep book and DVD which I will try on her but I'm very concerned whether I should wait until she learns to roll from front to back before starting the program.

We had an incident where she was left on the foor playing and rolled onto her tummy but couldn't roll back and became extremely distressed, for some reason she didn't turn her head to the side (she can, she just chose not to!) so was face down franticly gulping for air....needless to say I felt extremely guilty!! She's now started rolling onto her tummy at night and crying so I then have to roll her back over. I've also always used a Safe n' Sound 'thingy' in her bed to stop her from rolling over, it's like 2 thick sausages with a strip of material in the middle (obviously no longer works!)

Also, should I put her in her own room when I strart or is it ok to leave her in her cot in our room? She currently spends the 1st half of the night in her cot and the rest in bed with us which I'd like to stop!!


You can use settling techniques from Newborn so there is no need to wait to start a settling program.

Make sure you make her cot as per SIDS recommendations.

It will work much better if you have your daughter in her own room.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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