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9.5 months still waking 4+ times a nite.....nothing really works? Lock Rss


I have a 9.5 month baby girl. Shes had a dummy up until Wednesday last week (only 4 days ago) i decided that it, the dummy has to go. She was so hooked on it if it fell out while sleeping at nite she'd scream until i came in to put it back in, she was getting so bad with it that she'd throw it at me in the car to get my attention then scream as she didnt have it anymore.

My question is now shes without it how can i teach her to self settle without the dummy. She's doing surprisingly well. Only taking up to 5-10 mins of cont. crying to get her off to sleep but shes still waking 4+ x a nite looking for it and wanting me to settle her as theres no dummy. I know this is prob out of habit but she & i both wake up very tired the next day which doesnt help either of us.

Shes only getting 1 day time sleep (9-11.30am) as the hours my son is in school clash with sleep times. She desperatley needs a 2nd sleep about 2pm this is when we have to go get him by time we home at 3.30pm it too late for nap as shes excited to see her brother and its nearly dinner time at 4.30pm for her. So shes in bed between 5.30-6pm as shes so over tired by then.

Any tips would be much appreciated.
Give the program a little time, as she will break the habit of the dummy in a week or 2 at the most. Continuing to use the settling techniques will teach her to sleep independently.

It is really hard to juggle everything in life, and as much as your daughter needs that nap you must pick up your son and there’s little you can do about it most days.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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