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6 mth old - not settling or feeding well. Lock Rss

Hi there, my son just turned 6mths. He was in a really good routine (last mth anyhow) and he's normally a happy go lucky baby.

These days its like somethings changed. He catnaps during the day - 20 - 40mins max, and sometimes I have to push him in his pram to get him to sleep, he winds himself up that much, as soon as I put him in his pram, 5mins later hes fast asleep. I've tried the "eat, play & sleep" routine which was working well, its like hes having anxiety attacks he has to see me all the time otherwise he'll cry. I breastfeed him & even thats a big war with min he's on the next min hes off & crying and its like that over & over again.

Night time is pretty much the same too...he'll fight no matter what....or sometimes he'll stay on me (b/f) forever, as soon as I take him off hes looking for it then wakes up I end up putting him back on just so he doesnt wake fully. What am I doing wrong or what can I do to improve this little prob we're having. It's driving me mad...cause I can't seem to settle him at all.


Shez, QLD

Your baby is WAY overtired, and an overtired baby is harder to settle.

I would really advise you to get a copy of It’s Time To Sleep DVD&BOOK and follow the settling program. You need to get back into a proper feed/play/sleep routine and breast feeding is just fine but don’t let him fall asleep at the breast this is why feed/play/ sleep method is so important. He is ‘sparrowing’ or comfort sucking and you can learn the difference between this and feeding also.
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Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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