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My 13mo snores, always has. I was not worried as both my older boys snore (like DH). I recently read that snoring in babies is not normal. DS1&2 both sweat during sleep so that their hair is matted. This was mention as being a sign of the problem. DS3 has always been a wonderful sleeper and would have been sleeping through a long time ago if not for his twin. With so many people complaining about babies that don't sleep I don't feel like fussing about children that sleep well. Should I look into the possibilty that the reason the boys sleep longer than DD1&2 is that they are tired from sleep apnoea?

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All babies are different and it’s more about the routine we set for them.

I would say the snoring is more likely to be to do with their adonoids. Check this out with your doctor.

Cheers Maree

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