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3 weeks ago, our 2yr old decided she no longer wanted to sleep in the cot, she wanted to sleep in the big bed. So we moved her. Since then she will not go to sleep unless one of us is in the room with her. She is also waking up to 4 times per night and again, wont go to sleep unless we are in the room with her otherwise she will SCREAM and get out of bed. We are at our witts end as before this she would go to sleep on her own and never wake (or at least wake us) during the night. It was suggested that we put her back in the cot and what a disaster that was! The only way we can get an undisturbed nights sleep is to allow her to sleep in our bed or to sleep on a mattress on our floor. We need help as we are exhausted and work full time and she is starting to misbehave as she is not getting enough sleep.

Petta - Mum to two

Because you are going to sleep with her when she wakes on her light sleep (as we all do) you are not there and she doesn't know how to resettle herself without your presence or comfort.

You will need to get her to fall alseep on her own before anything will change.

You need to give her an option either she sleeps in her bed on her own or it's back in the cot - let her choose and you can give her a nice new toy to go with this, but if she doesn't stay in her bed you must follow through with what ever you say you are going to do - take the toy away and back into the cot.

When she chooses the bed again, if she does get out of the bed then you must put her back straight away without too much fuss and let her know it's time to sleep.

You must be in control, don't let her think she can win. It's only been 3 (long) weeks you still have a very good chance of making this work.

Best of luck
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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