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What's happened to sleeping through? Lock Rss

Hi Maree

My daughter is 19 months old. At 4 months she would sleep from 7pm to 7am and has done so until about a month ago. Suddenly she has started waking during the night, sometimes 2 or 3 times, and has even stayed awake for up to 3 hours, wide awake, in the middle of the night on odd occasions. She has begun waking up at 6.30am even if she has had a disturbed sleep and is very grumpy. This has become very frustrating as every book tells me that at this age they should be sleeping 10 or 12 hours straight. Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening and how we can get our daughter sleeping through the night again?

Thanks kindly


Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths

Hi Alison,
Have you had any changes to family routine/situation of late?

It’s hard to say why babies and toddlers suddenly change their routine sometimes and hopefully this is just a stage she is going through. DO be careful that you don’t create any bad habits in trying to resettle her like rocking her back to sleep/sleeping with her or taking her into your bed as this will be hard to change later. You need to also give her a clear message that it’s time to sleep. Try some of our settling techniques if you need to. You can get details on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page.

Cheers Maree

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