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Baby Night Sleeping - dark room or lamp on? Lock Rss

Hi, This may seem a silly question but does it matter if I put my 3mth old baby down at night with his lamp left on (after his 9pm bottle & he sleeps through now till around 5am) ..
He has a monitor that has a night light but this has very little light and when I put him down awake at 9pm-ish, he likes to look around his cot & room at things so I leave the lamp on...
Does this matter, or should I be putting him down in a dark room so he understands it's night time and sleep time? He settles fine and puts himself off to sleep after looking around & 'chatting' but I don't want to be getting into a bad habit for the future, so thought I'd better check.
Thank you,

Jodie, QLD & 2 gorgeous boys!

Hi Jodie,
My son is 6 and still has his night lamp on, he comes to get me if I ever forget!
If it works for you then I don’t see a problem with it.
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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