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luke is my 2nd child, i had lots of problems with hayden and said this one will be no probs he will fall asleep by himself from day one. this is not the case he is 14 weeks now and 2 weeks ago its like a switch flick on and he said thats it i dont want to sleep myself any more i like it best in mums arms. ive tried to use the skills that tresillian had shown me with the feed play sleep routine and the controlled crying but its like i let him cry then pick him up and he dose the biggest burp then i feel bad because he wanted me for a reason and i just said NO YOU MUST SLEEP ITS TIME TO SLEEP! is there an age that is just to young to let them cry or should you just persist with it knowing in the long run it wiill be better
help me very confused and feeling guilty

jayne,n.s.w.22mth toddler

Feeling guilty is something every mum feels; you are not on your own there. Don’t think of yourself as a bad mum, think of yourself as a great mum, who has a problem and knows how to fix it.

You can start a routine and teach good habits form Newborn. From Newborn to 6 months the techniques we teach are all hands on – no leaving baby and picking them up every 15 mins.

Following a feed /play /sleep routine allows you to feed in your arms, play with baby on the ground and then when tired signs are displayed you can then settle baby awake into the cot., knowing that baby has fed and these cries are tired cries. If baby is not crying in your arms but cries in the cot, then you can be fairly sure it’s not wind pain that he is crying about rather he is tired. Letting baby know it’s time to sleep is ok because he has already told you he is tired. If you believe he still needs to be burped more by all means do it but then continue to settle him awake into the cot.

You can get details for our settling program from <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page or for more detail, from
<a href="It's time to sleep</a"">It's Time To Sleep</a> DVD&BOOK

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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