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rolling on to tummy!!! Lock Rss

hi my baby is 7 months old and before i put her in her cot i wrap her up because she sleeps better but this morning i woke up and found her unwrapped and on her tummy i dont mind her not being wrapped(just a sheet) but i am worried because sids says for babies not to be on their tummy.Is it ok for her to roll onto her tummy and sleep?

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We don't recommend wrapping after 3 months because as baby becomes more mobile it is easier to become tangled.

As baby becomes more mobile you must also expect to find them in different positions.

You should ensure that you make the cot up to SIDS recommendations and do not use doona’s but rather a blanket and don't wrap.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

hi there,i have a 4&half month old who has been rolling onto her tummy for around 1month..and she can recently roll back over now.If thats the way that are comfortable and are actually sleeping and there arent any bumpers or toys in the cot than i dont see why they cant sleep that.Yes we were worried about the sids but we tried in carefully turning her over to her back but she would wake up and just get herself over again...

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