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How do I get my baby to sleep in the night instead of all day, I try to keep him awake but he gets over tired and its harder to get him to sleep, he goes down arounf 3am in the morning, which is al-right for him but I am up at 7am to get other kids ready for school, how do I change his routine around without too much stress on both of us.

Northern Suburbs Vic, boy born 23rd Oct 2005

I could imagine this is extremely tiring for you.
You will need to make every effort to either keep him awake or wake him 30 mins after feeding.

Take him outside, hold him up, change his nappy, use a cool washer, even if you are making him cross you need to change the routine around.

Make sure that you keep his room where he sleeps well lit with natural sunlight during the day.

Best of luck
cheers Maree

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