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Bad day sleeper and some questions re sleep technique Lock Rss

Hi Maree

I’m a new mother of a 9 week old gorgeous boy called Lachlan.

I’m trying to implement your sleep technique after combating a few problems such as reflux and a formula intolerance and due to the reflux, advice to keep him upright for 30 mins after each feed. This has now caused the development of bad habits during the day - falling asleep on Mum or Dad cat-napping for 45 mins and then wanting to get up to play, he then gets grumpy again within about 45 mins and trying to get him back down to sleep is nearly impossible with lots of screaming, tears and sweat. Lachlan is a good night sleeper waking only once for a feed at around 3.00 am but goes back down with a lot of grunting and groaning until his next wake up time which is around 6.30 am.

I was hoping you could answer the following questions for me:

1. How long do I need to continue doing this before I can get out and about again? I’ve normally been going out once a day to visit people and I attend parenting classes and wonder how long I need to stay at home to ensure a good routine and what happens when the routine needs to be broken?

2. When can I expect Lachlan to start sleeping through the night and what can I do to encourage this – he seems to be about the only one of his age in our ante-natal class not sleeping through the night.

3. I noted in one of your responses to another mum that if baby doesn’t settle after 20 mins don’t make a battle out of it and get him up – but in the notes on the sleep page of the website it says after 15 mins get him up, give him a cuddle and then resume the patting on the other side? My little boy is very determined and does battle the sleep thing – do I keep trying or give in after 20 mins?

Sorry for the spiel but I appreciate your help and think your column is wonderful – thank you!!

Jill, Wgtn, NZ

1. Try to allow at least one week of giving it a good go, routines can’t always be followed to the letter but do the best you can to get it working quicker.
2. Don’t you believe them there would be lucky to be one with a 9 week old sleeping through the night.
At 9 weeks you could expect to have at least one if not two overnight feeds and we do not recommend trying to teach baby to sleep through the night with a rollover feed until 6 months of age.
3. When I say don’t make a battle out of it and get baby up after 20 mins this is if you have settled baby to sleep and then baby has woken after just a cat nap and when trying to resettle them. Do try initially for the one hour of 15mins intervals but only try to resettle for 20mins maximum.
I hope this is clear
Cheers Maree

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